koko and finn

Once upon a time there was a girl who married a very handsome surfer boy.  They have two beautiful daughters and a fish named Fallon.

Waking Up

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about who God made my children to be.  It’s a glorious thing to consider how your child is uniquely made.  Discovering who they are, what they are passionate about, how they think, what they love…what makes them thrive.

I never thought about those things for myself growing up.  I wanted to know God’s will for my life so badly that I spent far too much time trying to find it. From what I can see in Scripture now, I know that God has created me to do the same thing He created all of us to do: To be His extended hand to those around us who are in need of His love and help.

If I focus on being that to those whom He places in my path, I will naturally end up doing whatever it is He has created me to do, as He uses me through the unique giftings He has placed within me.  

As I think about my children, I am now inspired to think about myself.  What am I passionate about? What abilities and skills do I have?   Am I using these things for the sake of others?  I don’t want to let the fear of getting older, my education (or lack of), etc. to hold me back from finding what lights the spark that makes me want to get up each day.

Functioning in how we were made to be shouldn’t feel like work, it shouldn’t feel laborious or cumbersome. When we function in our natural abilities, it comes easy to us and it brings great joy and satisfaction.  That’s what I’m looking for….at the end of the day (my life) to know that my real success did not come from how much money or fame I had but what brought me fulfillment in my everyday life.  

A friend recently shared a great quote with me from a movie called, “Where the Heart Is” starring Natalie Portman and Ashley Judd.  Natalie’s character says to Ashley’s: “You tell them we have the ability to change our lives with every breath we take!”.  As long as I am breathing, I can make choices to change.

I feel myself waking up and I’m ready …