koko and finn

Once upon a time there was a girl who married a very handsome surfer boy.  They have two beautiful daughters and a fish named Fallon.

X Training: Class #1

Today didn’t start off well, but I’ve since concluded that exercise is a state of mind. It requires mental strength more than physical to get your body to sweat. I have spent the past few days barely able to move due to my X Training Orientation this last Saturday and despite waking up with a sore throat and very sore body, I decided to buck up and go (thank you Chris for your added encouragement…”Uh oh Brenda, Tami is trying to get out of something. Is this a WORK OUT day???  You’re so busted!”).  Anyway, I went feeling that at any given moment I would have to just lay on the floor and let the class work out around me.

You know how it goes, once you get to the place you didn’t feel like going, you are somehow inspired to engage. I decided right then and there that there would be no more mental arguments in the future unless vomiting, fever, violent coughing, strep or broken body parts are involved. It just isn’t worth it.  I have made the commitment to exercise (2 years-signed in blood), change my body and kick diabetes to the curb—cleaning my house isn’t going to solve or produce any of the above.

SO, everyday I am not working out I am going to remind myself why I am and when it’s time to hit the gym, hit it I will…with determination and desire to change, even if I feel like laying on the floor.  If only I could get that Brenda out of her spinning class to join me….nothing like partnership in the gym!